Welcome to Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago blessed with a highly diverse landscape spread across its 17 thousand islands, from fertile rice lands of Java, the lush rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo, the mesmerizing marine life of Sulawesi, the spices of the Moluccas, the savannah grasslands of the Nusa Tenggara Islands, to the snow-capped peaks of Papua.

Proliferating Debating in Indonesia

Collaborating with academics, teachers, local governments, and debating communities across the country, we scout the best talents to be trained as the hopeful Indonesian delegation for the international debating championship.

The championship starts from local selections in schools and regionals in cities/regencies as well as provinces before the national round is held. All is designed to encourage and foster good characters in Indonesia’s young debaters.



Dear WSDC community,

On behalf of WSDC 2017 Bali Indonesia organizing committee, we have several announcements to make.

A friendly reminder to every national team manager/administrator that the registration phase of WSDC 2017 has been underway since January 9th and will remain open until March 31st. For nations that have yet to make their registration entries or those who have registered but have yet to provide us with their exact delegation size in order for us to start issuing invoices, please register before the closing date through

As you will have to pay 50% of the participation fees accordingly to your delegation size, we suggest that you do not wait to make your registration too close to the end of theregistration window as international transfer usually takes up days (varies between banks) to arrive. This 50% payment will not be subject to refund should you decide to cancel your registration. It is also possible for you to pay 100% of the participation feesin full if you have secured your fund and do not want to go through the hassle of making international transfer the second time at later stage. As our organizing committee is focusing to subsidize judges (Which we have announced about previously) and, if possible with our financial situation, provide scholarship only for first-time participating nations, we also encourage you to write directly to our convenors (Kristi at and/or Ravio at and/or if you will be needing an official letter from us as your reference to acquire sponsorship or funding from a third party.

More detailed information regarding WSDC 2017 Indonesia can be found on ournewsletters. By far, we have published the first two (of four planned) newsletters.

Newsletter Volume 1 can be downloaded on Vol-1- 1.pdf

Newsletter Volume 2 can be downloaded on Vol-2.pdf

For the latest updates about the championship, please follow and/or subscribe to our social media feeds and keep an eye on our website.




Our organizing committee is currently recruiting liaison officers from our own pool of local debaters and we can already feel the vibe of the championship. We hope everyone is excited too for the upcoming championship.Should you have further inquiries, you can contact our convenors anytime.

Best, Kristi Ardiana and Ravio Patra

Co-Convenors of WSDC 2017 Bali, Indonesia

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